What is Pinlock® ?

What is Pinlock and why and when is it needed?



One of the most unpleasant and dangerous things about riding a motorcycle is the loss of visibility, or a foggy visor.


As the weather starts to get colder, you’ll notice that the visor of your helmet gets foggy.
There’s nothing more unpleasant than opening your visor when driving in cold weather to see what’s really going on on the road. Riding with an open visor is uncomfortable because your eyes start to water or an insect flies into your eye. Thanks to Pinlock, this is a thing of the past!


There is a solution to the problem – Pinlock® ! The Pinlock is a small flexible visor that is fitted to the inside of the visor of an existing helmet. This creates a double-glass effect that significantly reduces temperature differences inside and outside the helmet.



How does Pinlock® work?


Pinlock is made of organic and transparent material with a silicone coil. The pinlock locks between the plastic buttons on either side of the helmet visor. The silicone coil ensures that the pinlock is airtight, and a thin air chamber is formed between it and the visor.
Pinlock acts like a double glazing and the temperature difference between the inner and outer surface of the visor is kept to a minimum. This ensures that the visor can be left closed even in cold and damp weather.
Based on our own experience and that of our customers, we can say that Pinlock works great! Once installed, Pinlock is usually not noticeable! Nowadays, many premium helmets come with a Pinlock as standard or can be purchased separately.




Pinlock® installation



All LS2 helmets with visor can be fitted with Pinlock and most helmets already come with Pinlock included. The only thing you need to do is mount it on the visor. To do this, it is easiest to remove the visor first. Most helmet manufacturers have a quick-release visor system, so it’s usually quite simple. Take the Pinlock out of the packaging and check which side has the silicone coil on it. Do not touch the silicone side or place the Pinlock with its side down.

Make sure the visor of the helmet is clean of dust and other particles. The silicone rim should be placed on the inside of the visor. Take the visor of the helmet and press one side of it against your body or a table, bending the visor as straight as possible. There is a plastic knob on each side of the visor, and a pinlock must be fitted between the two. The easiest way to do this is to fit one side first and then bend the visor straight and fit the Pinlock under the other button. When the Pinlock is bent outwards, place the helmet visor on the table and press the Pinlock against the inside of the visor so that it holds against the visor from all sides.
Pinlock does not hold tightly against the visor? Try pushing the buttons out or turning them around.