The LS2 brand was born in 2007. in 2006, with the aim of becoming the world market leader in motorcycle helmets. More than 30 years of experience from parent company MHR has contributed to rapid growth. The LS2 delivers excellence in quality and reliability. LS2 helmets were created by motorsport enthusiasts who wanted to combine style, comfort and protection. The brand is backed by years of experience, making it one of the best choices for motorcyclists around the world.

LS2 is a thriving global company headquartered in Spain and one of the world’s largest helmet manufacturers in every helmet category. In addition, you will find a selection of quality motorcyclist clothing, gloves and protection.

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Stylish and innovative design

The LS2 helmets are stylish and innovative in design, offering riders a unique look. Regardless of the vehicle, the LS2 helmet makes driving even more exciting. Designers and engineers pay great attention to detail, ensuring that every helmet looks great.

Quality and comfort

LS2 uses high quality materials to ensure the durability and reliability of helmets. Regardless of the riding conditions, LS2 helmets offer excellent fit and comfort for longer rides. With a wide range of sizes and colours, there’s a helmet to suit every rider.

Security and protection

LS2 helmets offer riders maximum safety and protection, meeting the highest safety standards, and are equipped with a range of safety features. LS2 helmets ensure the main purpose of the helmet is to protect the rider from possible injury in the event of a collision.

The LS2 brand is renowned for its high quality helmets that ensure the best experience for motorcyclists. They have a range of helmets for different riding styles and needs. The style, comfort, safety and quality of LS2 helmets make them the ideal choice for anyone who appreciates good design and wants to ride safely.